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Aerial Photos for Wedding/Sports

Aerial Photos for Wedding

aerial photography for wedding
Weddings are one of the most important moments in life and the memories last forever. My Drone Company is not here to replace your normal photographer. Rather, we are here to bring you the unique, non-staged aerial photography for wedding, that really capture the true emotion and fun of the event.
Starting at your church or wherever your ceremony might be, we can capture stunning photos of the wedding party, procession, ceremony, and/or post ceremony celebration. In general, we ground the drone during the actual ceremony as the noise from the propellers can be loud.
From there, we’ll follow the parade to your outdoor wedding reception location. My Drone Company will capture everything from parking of the vehicles to the arrival of the wedding party, to dinner and dancing. As the music, laughter and cheering ensues, the propeller noise will no longer be heard and the drone will be just an afterthought of your guests. This is actually the time when we capture the best footage. All of your guests will be having fun with the party, acting in silly ways, and providing us with the material you would otherwise never see.
At the end of the day, we will have captured the high-resolution, unscripted (and unedited) aerial photographs that your primary photographer will not have. I guaranty you that these will be the photos you enjoy the most years down the road. Oh yeah, did I mention that we can add a great “Photo Booth” to your wedding party for just a small extra charge – talk about entertainment value years down the road.

Aerial Photos for Sports

aerial photography for sports
Sporting events can be a great time to capture life’s exciting moments. While photography from ground level can be very good, high-definition aerial photography can capture perspectives you wouldn’t ever think about!
Imagine your kid’s soccer game – the drone is hovering 50’ in the air following the action. We can use our GoPro cameras to shoot 1080p, 60 frames/second video and capture still frames at the same time. That’s better than most standard movie production footage. Take that video along with the photos and turn it into a highlight reel that friends and family will be star struck by – complete with slow motion action!
Now let’s take the drone to your lake for some action packed wakeboarding. Or out to the ski hill for some serious snowboard action. A GoPro on a helmet or at the back of the boat is great, but imagine the new angles we can get from the air. If you want to have fun – this is where it’s at!

Aerial Photos for Special Events

aerial-photography for special events

My Drone Company can provide aerial photo services for Golf Outings, Graduation, Anniversary, and Birthday parties, Car Shows, Boat Shows, Festivals, Concerts, or just about any other outdoor event you can think of.
Unique photography is what it is all about. We will arrive on site at a time you specify and capture the event from a perspective that you just can’t get from the ground. If it is a charity event, we can work with your Charity to sell photos to the participants and split the fees.
We’ll catch all the fun and all the action. When the event is over, we’ll head back to our office and prepare the photos for production. We use the latest in technology to edit your images to give them the best look possible. When the photos are ready, we’ll send them to you digitally for your approval. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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