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Aerial Photography

A new perspective.  A different perspective.  A unique perspective.  That’s the goal at My Drone Company. High-Resolution aerial photos from every angle, at many different altitudes, on a perfect day.

Our experienced drone pilots are more than just experts at flying the drone, they are also experts at envisioning the shot. Any good photographer will tell you that there’s a lot more to taking a good photo than having a good camera – it’s really about the Photographer!

Our Phantom and 3DR drones are often equipped with GoPro Hero 4 cameras shooting wide angle 12 megapixel photos. You can blow these photos up onto poster size boards, trade show displays, and big screen TV’s, while maintaining almost perfect quality.

Our Pilots are skilled at envisioning the best shots – which often aren’t from the highest altitudes. In general, 30’ – 60’ in the air provides the best angle for building structures. Capturing many acres, the adjacent lake or Conservancy, or perhaps the surrounding community, sometimes calls for the drone to fly up to the 300’ – 400’ level. You will be amazed at what you can see at that altitude.

We offer Aerial Photography by employing drones in the following businesses such as Real estate, Business promotions, Special events like Wedding, Sports, any memorable occasions. Contact us for any of your aerial photography needs.