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Aerial Real Estate Photography

Residential Real Estate

Real estate photography of home

Often times we take still photos of houses. The client calls us and says I want to hang a picture of my house on the wall. The client has seen this type photo of before – usually from an airplane. The expectation is already in their mind as to what to expect. But then our expert Pilot/Photographer starts asking questions about which way the house is facing; what time does the sun hit the house just right; are there other buildings on the property that you want to include; how thick, how tall, and how close is the tree canopy around the house; is there something else unique about your property – is it on a lake, river, golf course; how many acres…the list goes on and on. Ultimately our goal is to get you several photos to choose from individually or in combination – the options are almost unlimited. The “Perfect Picture” is our goal. Take our digital files to any printer you want. With digital stills up to 12 megapixels in quality you could literally blow up a photo on a poster board with virtually no loss in quality.
Also, if you are going to sell your home, choose a Real Estate agent that will include a “Drone Package” as part of their Listing Contract. My Drone Company works with dozens of real estate agents (residential and commercial) all over Wisconsin to provide high-resolution aerial photos and video that can be embedded directly into your MLS listing. Get more showings and a better price with better photos!

Commercial Real Estate


When it comes to commercial buildings, a lot of the questions are the same – but now we are thinking in terms of marketing. Great places to use still photos include your website, Facebook page, all of your printed marketing material, business cards, Power Point presentations…and of course you should have a great photo of your building hanging in your lobby.
Build team camaraderie by showcasing your staff in the photos. Archive and display historically company events like a building addition with HD digital images from the air. Show clients, tenants, vendors, and the community the layout of your property, the nearby traffic patterns, proximity to other area attractions like hotels, restaurants, and the Interstate. Don’t just tell people what a valuable member of the community you are – show them!
And of course, if the day comes when you are ready to sell your building, My Drone Company will be there for you then as well. Improve the marketing, and ultimately the bottom line, with the most complete set of HD aerial drone photos you can get. Our digital images can be provided directly to your real estate agent, potential buyers, insurance companies, municipalities, contractors, or anyone else that might be involved in the sale/purchase of your property.

Infrared/Thermal Imaging

Our newest Phantom 2 drone is equipped with a state of the art FLIR Quark 2 Thermal Imaging camera. Whether it’s your residence or your commercial building, chances are that building isn’t sealed up as tight as it could be. Wisconsin winters are cold, windy, and costly if you don’t have a good seal around windows, doors, vent pipes, and other building protrusions.
Let My Drone Company save you money – not just this winter, but every winter! For a nominal fee, quoted independently on every job, we will locate areas of heat loss and pinpoint exactly where your dollars bills are disappearing. You can watch the live video feed as we fly the drone around your building. We’ll zoom in to trouble spots and capture specific thermal images for you. Take those digital images to your contractor so he can seal up, tighten, up, insulate, or otherwise correct those heat loss hot spots.

Building/Roofing Inspection

Sometimes it is safer to keep your feet on the ground. What if you have to inspect a steep, wet tile roof on a vintage Wauwatosa house? What if a bridge across the Milwaukee River is showing signs of wear? What if a cell phone tower in Mequon is damaged in a storm? So many things can go wrong during inspections, including human error.

Drones can provide live feeds during inspections, but perhaps more importantly, an HD video record of the inspection. Zoom in to specific frames of the video for unbelievable precision analysis. Best of all you can do it without renting expensive lift equipment or putting your personnel on a ladder.


image of Construction of aerial real estate photography
Imagine a time lapse of your construction project. A picture of the raw land, a picture of the hole being dug, a picture of the framing, a picture of the finished structure, and finally a picture with all the landscaping. Anyone who has ever built a home, put together a commercial development, or constructed a multi-unit project, always takes a lot of pride in the finished project. Let My Drone Company create and save those memories for you.
Use our high-resolution photos on all your print and digital marketing material. In fact, let your tenants use it in their marketing material as well. And don’t forget, as your building/project changes over the years, we are always available for a follow up shoot!