When the unimaginable happens....

use our drones for search and rescue.

We offer you

much more...

• We build and test the drone equipment.

• We train your personnel.

• We repair the equipment.

Search / Rescue

Imagine an Alzheimer patient wanders away from his home or a criminal ditches his car and runs into a field attempting to flee the police. In both situations, time is of the essence and lives could be on the line. If you could quickly deploy a lightweight GPS-controlled aerial drone with a distance range of about one mile, and an altitude range that would allow you to see many football fields at once, imagine how quickly you could locate your target. Now add an infrared camera alongside the main camera and allow the pilot to watch both video images at once. Take it one step further and send both of those video feeds to a separate location, a 2nd set of monitors, and allow another set of eyes to see what the pilot sees. In addition, let’s record the entire event for evidence, prosecution, training, and media exposure.

Regardless of how deep your Team ventures into the drone realm, your officers will stay safer, your missions will end quicker, risk will be minimized, and lives will be saved. At the end of the day, that’s what we think it’s all about. Our mission is to outfit every public service agency in Wisconsin with as many drones as possible.

My Drone Company will work with your Team to properly budget for drone purchases, raise funds through charitable donations, train your personnel, and repair your drone equipment when it breaks down – all on a short term and very affordable (if not from donations) contractual basis. Let us be the resource for this new tool that you’ve never had before. In Law Enforcement, SWAT, Fire, EMS and Search-and-Rescue, high-tech tools like drones are no longer just a dream – we make them a reality! We can help make them a reality for you as well.